Our Programs

Equine-Horse / Aqua

Destination Activity (ages 3 – adolescence)

Whether in the pool, at a restaurant or on horseback, treating a child in varied environments is an effective way to enhance the therapy experience.

Our programs are designed to keep the child engaged in a challenging and fun way.

Speech and Movement

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Schedule sessions are formed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  Fun interactive games, music, crafts and cooking activities are planned.

Children and their parents come together for an hour of movement and music fun.  This is followed by time to create with food or with arts and crafts.

During these activities communication and speech skills are directly targeted.  Parents receive hands on demonstrations of speech techniques that are easy to carry over at home.

Squirm to learn sessions

soccer, golf, swimming, karate, climbing are examples of the curriculum.

Enrichment Therapy Sessions

infant to adolescent

Children who are receiving therapy may participate in programs that allow for immediate application of learned skills. This combines 1 to 1 therapy with fun interactive activities with appropriate peer integration.

Toddlers may learn to play an instrument or teenagers may learn to a new language or a new sport.

Mangia!, Mangia!

Sessions are being implemented by January 2016.

Music and Art